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The Bigger Captor gets to sing a new song– The Air Force Song! That’s right, the Bigger Captor is going to become a United States Air Force JAG Officer! (attorney)

It took FOREVER to get the phone call! Between then Government shut down, and all the other nonsense going on in the world, the notifications of the boards were about a month behind. We had our guesses as to when we would hear something written on the calendar. Both came and went, with no news.

The Bigger Captor was more nervous than the general public would be if Miley Cyrus took a pregnancy test. Let that sink in for a moment.

I might have been snooping through the email notificationsĀ  on the phone one morning, when I saw one from the guy the Bigger Captor had interviewed with. All it said was “give me a call when you get a chance.”

I screeched out for the Bigger Captor to come running, and within seconds had the number punched in, listening for the ring.

Lt Col Carter answered, the Bigger Captor said hello and who he was, and was met with a “JOSHUA TOLIN!! CONGRATULATIONS MY MAN!” It sounded as if Bob Barker was preaching it from the stage of The Price Is Right.

I’ve never actually seen anyone melt before, the the Bigger Captor did it. He melted into a puddle of happy and relief. (No he did not relieve himself in a puddle- just in case you were wondering.)

So the news is that sometime in 2014 we will me moving to a location unknown, date unknown, all while having a third baby (May 25 due date), and juggling the Smaller & Tiniest Captors, as well as the Captor Hounds. It’s seriously looking like I will have to move a household alone while pregnant, or with a brand new baby. I’m taking applications now for a helpy-helperton. If you have time to kill want want to come to Europe for a possible cross-Europe or Trans-Atlantic trip, let me know!

In all seriousness though, I’m very proud of my dear husband, the Bigger Captor. He will serve this country well- just as he does our family. I hope I can be as supportive to him as he has been for me these last 2 years of job/moving craziness. I know it will be a strange and probably stressful year coming up, but we are no strangers to adventure and I welcome this next one in our lives. More stories to tell, and new people to meet. I love you dear husband, keep kicking tucas!

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