tire, tire, tire, tire, TIRE!!!!

Ok, I mean really. Who else does this stuff happen to?

We were on our way home in our jalopy of a rental vehicle (which they are replacing tomorrow or heaven help them!) when the weirdest thing happened. We were sitting in the left lane of Dell Range at the stop light. It wasn’t in front of Wal-Mart, because that would have been all too appropriate. Not to mention, somewhat expected.

At any rate, I looked up in time to see this tire and rim come rolling through the intersection- sort of like in a movie, after a crash. First thing through my mind, was “huh, a tire, that’s odd” then it set in that it was aimed right at our van. Without yelling I managed to start sputtering “tire, tire, tire, tire, TIRE!”  as the Bigger Captor stared at me in confusion. (I know that is how he usually looks at me, but whatever)

He looked from side to side, wide eyed and noticed it the last second. The light had turned green, so he tried to dodge it, but no luck. It impacted the van with a loud THUMP and then promptly fell over and took a nap in the road. The Bigger Captor said, “uh, what do we do?” I shrugged as we pulled off at the next light and got out to look. Sure enough- big giant black rubber and grease mark all down the back door and back side panel.

All I could think was “well, shit.” It’s a rental car, and I don’t want to have to pay for the damage, plus how do you even explain that? It’s so random that I don’t think the people would have even believed us.  So we went to go and try to catch up with the guy. I had seen the truck pulling a trailer with no wheel on it- perhaps it hadn’t rolled away too far.

Sure enough, since we had only gone a block, he hadn’t been able to escape yet. We pulled in behind him and got out of the van as he rolled the recovered tire through a parking lot. He smiled hesitantly and asked how we were doing, I said, “Good, except we got hit by your tire.” He cringed and said, “I thought so.”

He told us how he noticed it was wobbly when he turned the corner and he had thought he needed to get off the road ASAP, then he looked back again to see it rolling away towards our van. He hadn’t seen where we had driven off to, though.

Thankfully, even though it was the entire wheel, we only got hit with the tire part. The inside of that trailer rim would have done some serious damage to the body, plus if we had run it over, it would have REALLY been bad.

The guy offered to pay the bill if we took it to a body shop to get it off, but we explained that they were swapping the van out tomorrow and the guy jumped into action to look for something that would work. About the time we were going to give him our number and address he came back with a magic solvent and a rag- which buffed it right off! (I did not take a picture because it could TOTALLY be incriminating evidence- at least with the blog I could have plausible deniability.)

The whole thing was pretty comical in reality and we were laughing about it the entire time. It’s the craziest thing! However I  did get accolades from both my mother-in-law and husband for not yelling when the offending tire came hurdling towards us. I think I have earned a prize- just please not a tire.


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