Throwdown With The Tooth Fairy Part Deux

Before my trip over the ocean with the Tiniest Tolin, I had a bit of a dental issue that needed to be addressed. If you’ll recall, this led me to having an unexpected root canal done in Sigmaringen, Germany.

It was over with just as quickly as it had sprung up, and for that, I was thankful. What I wasn’t thankful for however, was the fact that I was told I’d need a permanent filling and they couldn’t do it just then, that I’d have to get it done in the States because they were closing for 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years. WHO GETS TO DO THAT?!?!

I don’t like going to the dentist more than I have to- to begin with. So an extra trip to the masochistic jerk faces (no offense to you dental folks out there, I’m sure you’re lovely people, I just don’t have an affinity for your profession) was really not my idea of fun.

Well apparantly, the dental gods thought it would be a good time to screw with me, because I get to the dental place in Cheyenne, they take a look at an x-ray and tell me that I did not in fact have a root canal done. WTF? YES, YES I DID! There were lots of needles, weird screw looking deals, a cable and a beepy box thing, more needles. . . you get the idea. If that was not a root canal, they  must have been  aliens and they probably put a probe in my brain. It’s only a matter of time before they come back for me!! Someone call Scully and Mulder, quick!!! SAVE ME!!!

I digress, they said I’d need an actual root canal done as opposed to the brain probe procedure and that I’d have to come back. Of course they quickly called ANOTHER dentist who does the root canals, because they apparently, don’t do them. How ever so convenient. . .

I was to go see this one at 12:30. Fantastic.  Well, this one calls my dental insurance to figure out my coverage. Clever, let’s see how much we can charge to implant another brain probe! (probably anyway) As it turns out, my dental coverage is $199 per day. PER DAY. So the root canal was going to cost me $862 dollars out of my own pocket cause I totally have that just laying around and that was unaffordable. Not to mention the other dentist had already swooped in and taken their share of my daily limit with their x-ray. So it would probably cost even more.  THEN, the receptionist says, “We can just do an extraction, and that would be cheaper.”

Yes, because I didn’t have enough hillbilly in my life, I want to have a gaping hole in my mouth. I don’t freakin think so.  It would not have been one of those teeth that’s hidden and as most of you know, I talk a lot. You do the math. An implant to fix said hole would cost thousands more than the re-root canal. . .

Needless to say, I said never mind, I’ll just wait till I get back to Europe and figure it out there. Then I went out the car and promptly cried for 30 minutes.  I just hope my tooth doesn’t fall out on it’s own before I find someone here!  So stay tuned for tooth fairy part three, or maybe deux and a half.

We’ll see.

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