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The Bigger Captor has insisted that I do a post with a recipe or two since I haven’t in a while. Let me explain the reasoning behind the recipes tab; living here in Hungary has meant that just about everything we eat is made from scratch. Gone are the days of drive-thru goodness or quick meals from pre-packaged almost ready to eat items. Sure, we can buy sliced bread or a frozen pizza, but in reality that’s just way too much pb&j or pizza for anyone to eat. So I must push through and be the domestic goddess that my family mistakenly believes me to be.

There are plus sides to living here and making everything, however. For example, my last (and forever) home was down the street from the sun. What I mean to say is, when you live at 6200 ft above sea level, the altitude really likes to screw with your food masterpieces—breads especially.

Previously, I would have to take my bread dough into the small shower space of our old bathroom, crank up the heat so the furnace would kick on, then put the shower full blast as hot as it would get in order to get some steam and heat going  to make the dough rise. This only worked about ¾ of the time. HERE, I can make the dough and plunk it next to the radiator or in a window and POOF! It magically rises. It must be sorcery . . .

As an intro for this recipe let me tell you a quick story about basic training for the military:

You will enjoy these sloppy joes! You hear me Private Pyle?

Once upon a time, I went to basic training. And I was hungry. All. The. Time.

Then the magical day of Tuesday rolled around. Tuesday was Sloppy Joe night for dinner. Anyone who has been to a basic training for the military can tell you that you hardly get any time to eat, and when you do, you are too busy trying to make sure you don’t do something wrong which prompts harassing by your drill instructor which then translates to even less time to eat. I digress . . .

Sloppy Joe night meant that I could get 2, (two, dos, zwei, whatever) Sloppy Joes down my throat in the small amount of time we had. Yeah, these were hot, so hot in fact, that the skin would peel from the roof of my mouth where I got burned from the sauce. Do you think I a. cared, or b. hesitated? Hell would have to freeze over first.

I always left with a full belly and felt like a million bucks, if there is such a thing in basic training. It is because of this that I look fondly upon Sloppy Joes and will never turn one down.

So, without further adieu, here is the sloppy joe recipe from last night:


1lb hamburger

1 tsp granulated garlic

1 small onion chopped up very small! (I suck at the chopping part, so expect to find identifiable pieces of onion in your food here)

1 cup of beef broth (or water if you don’t have it) Bullion cubes would work too if you have some of those)

2 tsps Worcestershire sauce (note: it is impossible to spell this word on your own)

1 1/2 cups ketchup

4 tbs of flour

1/4 tsp pepper (or more, your call)


Chop up that onion! Don’t be a wuss, just go do it. Or make someone with some cojones help you out. *Little trick * I keep my onions in the fridge and cut them while they are cold. It seems to help!

Brown your hamburger and onions all at the same time. They get along just fine, I assure you.

Drain off the grease. No one likes grease, except greasers. You’ll know them by their Chuck All-Stars and billy-rock attitudes. They probably won’t care about Sloppy Joes anyway, so go ahead and drain that grease.

Here’s where it gets easy. Dump in your broth, ketchup, W-sauce (I’m not spelling that out EVER again), pepper. Stir all this up THEN add your flour and stir again.

Turn your heat down to low, and let this stuff simmer for about 15 min.

Take the next 15 min to do a number of things:

a. chop up some veggies as a side dish (veggies are important!)

b. have a glass of wine

c. pester the husband/child(ren) about why the table isn’t set

d. have a glass of wine

e. have a glass of wine

f. consider toasting some buns for your Joes.

You can add the  Joe meat sauce to sliced bread, buns, (here we have no buns so we use these rolls we find at the store) whatever works really.

ENJOY! But be careful cause this stuff is hot!! Unless you don’t care if your mouth peels. I know I don’t.

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  • Annie O December 13, 2012, 5:34 pm

    This post has now decided what I am making for dinner tonight!! :)

  • Joals December 14, 2012, 1:59 am

    There isn’t enough wine in this whole recipe thing for me.

  • Greg December 15, 2012, 3:24 am

    Sloppy Joe’s and meatloaf are the two best eat-cold-straight-from-the-fridge foods other than pizza. If you have not tried it, you cannot call it gross.


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