The Tolins Take Vienna

The Smaller Captor has certain medication which can’t be found in Hungary. This  means that every couple months, the Bigger Captor and the Smaller Captor have to trek into Vienna to go visit the doctor and get his prescription. This year however, the Bigger Captor was going to have to take the Smaller Captor AND the Tiniest Captor into Vienna ALONE. In considering all that could possibly go wrong with this scenario, I asked #2 if I could have the half day off. (Fridays are only half days of work for us anyway.) He graciously said yes, but not because I asked, but because he felt bad for the Bigger Captor. That’s a solid case of Dad-Solidarity right there. – Thanks #2!

Going into Vienna means that we have to park outside of town and ride the train in due to Frank the Ford F-150 T-rex Frankenstein. (Read: Smaller Captor named the truck and he’s crazy.) Point being, a truck doesn’t fit so well in most European parking spots and not at all in any garage. At any rate, taking the train in is kind of nice because we can bop around town no problem without having to worry about finding a parking spot- which is crazy hard even if you have a smaller fly-like European kind of car.

Upon depositing the truck at the park and ride, our rag-tag group started heading for the train . . . only then did I notice that the Tiniest Captor’s diaper had sprung a leak and her pants were soaked. A quick search through the backpack revealed that we had no spare pants. 10 more points towards the Awesome Parenting award for us. We cleverly disguised the Tiniest Captor’s pants-less situation by wrapping her up in a blanket. All the other babies had blankets over their lower halves (that we saw); so, we’ll just assume they were all pants-less, too.

The tribe and I made it to the stop where the Smaller Captor’s appointment is, and thankfully it’s in a shopping district. We thought perhaps we’d pop in to a store, find some cheap baby pants and remedy our situation. First store was closed, (it wasn’t 10am yet) and the only other one that had kids clothes had about 1 pair of her size- pink corduroy, lined on the inside from ESPRIT. We paid 23 Euros for those suckers. That’s almost $30 for baby pants.  Let’s just say that is a $30 mistake we won’t probably won’t make again.

Except we did, only it was with the Bigger Captor. He didn’t bring a jacket, sweater, etc., and it was grey, foggy, and a tad damp out. So we had to buy a sweater for the poor guy. His reasoning? I told him he should bring a sweater but he said “If you are cold, then I am always hot- so I won’t bring one cause I’ll roast and won’t want to carry it.” Another 30 Euros. . .

Those weren’t the highlights of the day, however. After the Smaller Captor’s appointment, we dropped off his prescription and had some hours to kill while waiting for it and had so much more to do! We had lunch at a REAL Mexican place, complete with chips and beans, a margarita for the Bigger Captor and a quesadilla for the Smaller Captor. We even heard some fluent Spanish spoken much too fast for our skills; it was just like home!

After lunch, I drug my weary family back through the train maze in search of a place called “Naschmarkt.” I had found a fish place online and had my heart set on picking up some fresh fish to bring home for dinner. The train station we needed to be at was blessed with a Starbucks, and they still had everything for Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I got a small one and proceeded to ask the barista where to go. To which she replied, “Go that way, and when you get to the street, ask someone out there. It’s too confusing for me to tell you in here.” -Thanks lady, that was ever so helpful!

We finally found it though, and what we found, was so much more than fish! It is the market to end all markets; This place is a foodies dream, or a wannabe foodies dream, or someone’s whatever dream. It had stalls upon stalls of fresh fruits, veggies, fish, meat, spices from every corner of the earth, desserts, etc. You name it, they had it! I think the Bigger Captor didn’t know what to do with me because I found big fresh artichokes and did a full-on happy dance next to them. He pretended not to know me then walked off with the kids leaving me to dance with the produce all by myself. I have no shame.

This place has some crazy stuff. Whole turkeys (which you can’t find here in Hungary most of the time) cost 11 Euros a kilo. It looked like a 22 lb bird, s0 10 kilos meant the approximate total was 110 Euro for a whole fresh turkey. – I have never missed Sam’s Club so much! They had Asian everything, and even a “Kasaeland” (Cheese Land). Everything was delightful, amazing, mind-blowing -pick your word! They had fruits that I had never before seen in my whole life, or even heard about. Everything you could have wanted , someone had it. If I ever go missing, this might be one of the places to look for me.

By the time we left, we had in our possession artichokes, nectarines, pomegranates, halibut, real cranberries, and Turkish delight. I did marginally well, I didn’t spend all of our cash AND I didn’t get more than we could carry in the Tiniest Captor’s stroller. The Bigger Captor didn’t mind, and no one shed any tears.

To top it all off, we found a Halloween costume store right across the street from the market. Smaller Captor got a new costume for the trunk-or-treat event going on back in town. (The kid managed to win 3rd place in the costume contest- and I used up all of my good eyeliner pencil to draw his fake beard).  DSC_0222


Now, how to try and  keep him from pillaging the candy bowl!

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