The Smaller Captor Strikes Again

And by strike, I mean he’s about to strike out. Of what exactly, I’m not entirely sure- but something!

Remember the heap of trouble the kid got into a little bit ago over his math homework? The whole telling us lies about it for ever on end and then the Bigger Captor gets the scoop during parent-teacher conferences? He had to write that page about what he did wrong and why. (If you haven’t seen it, check it out here ) In any event, the kid’s story was pretty cute- hard to stay mad at him for long.

Which leads me to this week’s infraction . . .  the Smaller Captor’s teacher has been gracious enough to email everyone at the end of the day and say what the homework is. Apparently the Smaller Captor isn’t the only one who decided that homework was for the weak. This particular email said that the Smaller Captor was supposed to study his spelling words.  Easy enough (read: should have seen it coming) I thought.

Upon asking the Smaller Captor where his spelling list was, he produced this gem.


This is how you "write" "braille" says the Smaller Captor.

Take your best guess

Can you make any sense of it? I couldn’t either. At first I thought he had written it in connect-the-dot format, but that wasn’t leading to anything resembling real words. I thought perhaps it was written sideways- nope, not that either. Meanwhile, the Smaller Captor looked at me wide eyed through his glasses, terror coming in waves across his little lips. I think he might have been trying to scheme up a quick lie, but was failing to come up with anything halfway decent.

Finally I put down the paper, took a deep breath, and calmly asked, “what is this?”  He looked me dead in the eye, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I wrote it in braille.”

Think about that for a moment.

Braille, he wrote it in “braille”.

I had no words to say. What can you say to that? Where did the kid learn about braille? And what made him decide to write it that way, and HOW was he going to study it?

I. Got. Nothing.



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