The Saga Continues

Due to popular demand….

Tiny Tolin: The Captor Saga Continues

Day something… really, day 6 since the Tiny Tolin captor joined the crowd. My sleep schedule has gone from random intervals of being awake to every 3 hours. I don’t understand the punishment! The Tiny one however is quite nice, and soft, and cuddly. She definitely wins the award for cute factor, though I will say this… Hell hath…

no fury like a 6lb newborn at bath time. The smaller captor thinks the tiny captor is quite charming as well, and wants to know what she says all the time. Tiny only squeaks , and that has become her nickname. The bigger captor is quite smitten with her as well. I might be able to use this to my advantage… maybe as leverage for something…. It would certainly help on days like this where he has me rendering bees wax from honey comb to make him mustache wax. Why you ask? Because he wants to have a handle bar mustache…. the weirdness continues….

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