The Day After Tomorrow- Hungarian Style

This one isn’t so much funny or snarky like usual, it’s more a diatribe of the crazy storm we got trapped in the other night. Even this accounting doesn’t do it justice. Truth be told, we never saw this crap coming!

Our story starts Wednesday when, in walks my boss and asks if I can give him a ride home the next day because he needed to turn in his rental car. His other car had a bit of an accident and was almost ready at the shop. The boss’s house was about 63 km from where we lived, but it wasn’t that big of a deal, yet!

Thursday 8:30 am, and it’s snowing. Nothing insane, light flakes and flurries, cold temps, and a biting wind. Walking into work I remarked that apparently Wyoming had found me and sent me a care package. It really did seem like a normal Wyoming winter day.

12:00pm- Notice that we’re being released early at 2pm. . Nothing to get all in a tizzy about, I’ve got the truck so I wasn’t worried.

2:00pm- Go check with the boss to see what the plan is. By now the wind is REALLY howling and some snow is starting to fall again. He tells me he’s too busy and it will probably be more like 5 before he can go. I cringe. The Bigger Captor was supposed to have a play date (poker night- for the first time EVER since we’ve been here, mind you) at 7. There is no way I’ll get back before he needs to be there, especially in this garbage. We were also supposed to be borrowing a TV from said boss since ours met an untimely death. So the Bigger Captor had no choice but to come with me.

4:15pm- Boss calls and says he’s ready to go. We head back into town to get him and get moving.

5:00pm FINALLY we are on the road. And the roads. Are. Shit. So much so that past the first village, there has been an accident already and the highway is closed. No biggie, we take the back road between Vaszar and Gesce. It was a tad bumpy, but no problems for the F-150!

6:15- Drop the Boss off at his house, decide to get some cheeseburgers from McDonald’s and head back home. Mmmmm cheeseburgers. . .

7:15- Make it back down to Gesce, roads are REALLY shitty at this point and still closed. We decide to take the same route back the other way.

7:25 We are now trapped behind some stuck cars, and other cars pull behind us… now they are stuck too. AWESOME.

From here until about 4 hours later, the Bigger Captor makes numerous trips to the front of the line of cars to see what is going on. He is frozen, wet, shivering and his glasses keep fogging up. A tractor has pulled out one car, but no one is moving. It’s starting to look like antarctia out here. It is blacker than the inside of a cow, the snow is sideways and the wind has now started blowing at 130km an hour + gusts. Thats a steady wind of 80 + gusts people. Think about it for a second. . . I keep expecting a penguin to waddle by or for Morgan Freeman to start narrating what is going on out there.  That’s what it looks like out there.

01:00 am Friday. One of the guys tells Josh we have to turn around (we’d thought about it, but didn’t know if we actually could) In moving the truck to the side of the road, we are quickly swallowed by the ditch and just like that, we are as stuck as everyone else. I’m so upset I could scream, but no one would hear me over the wind.

01:30 am Friday- Several tractors (run by the Papa fire department) have been pulling people out one by one and finally it is our turn. The Bigger Captor had gotten out to help the guys put the chains on the truck. (I was terrified they were going to do it wrong and rip off the bumper) The conditions have only gotten worse at this point, too. (If that is even possible!)

If you want to see something scary, watch a giant a** John Deere come back up to the front of your truck and stop mere centimeters from the hood. I thought I was going to get smashed monster tractor style, but since I had moved to the drivers side of the truck (which was buried in snow) I had no way to get out. My life didn’t flash before my eyes, and for this, I am slightly disappointed. I had hoped I would see something good if it ever happened!

A giant jerk brought me back into focus and then they were telling me to try driving it out of the ditch while they pulled. The giant tractor was even slipping, and our truck wasn’t moving. This. was. not. good. Finally the driver managed to get the tractor perpendicular to our truck and get some traction. Once that happened, we popped free of the snow bank and got out.

01:45 We’ve now made it down the road, though you can’t see enough to drive, the drifts are everywhere and we are beyond stressed out at this point. All I want is to get home.

02:00 Made it to Vaszar, woo hoo! Except now the mayor is telling us we can’t go any further and need to park and come into the village kitchen. Yes, the village kitchen. Everyone inside looks as bleary and exhausted as we are. Some of them look downright frozen, and as it turns out, some were so low on gas that they had to keep their cars off most of the time so they spent hours in the cold. I can’t explain how thankful I am that we have a giant tank on that truck and had PLENTY of gas.

02:30 We’ve been fed something (not sure what) and warmed up, and now we are being taken to the village school where we get to sleep on the floor of the gym. This is like a horrible high school trip except worse. No one is happy or laughing. And, except for one person, no one speaks English. But hey, we aren’t in the snow bank anymore!

A guy with a bull terrier named Boci (Boatsie) takes a patch next to us. The dog is fantastic, sleeps with all 4 legs straight out and everything. Pretty stinkin cute in my book!

03:35 Some jackass has come into the gym and turned on all the lights. W.T.F. I don’t speak Hungarian and even I understood what the people were saying to the dude.

06:15 Can’t really sleep anymore (not that sleeping on a floor is quality sleep anyway) Everyone is waking up and going back to the village kitchen. The only thing that awaits us is more bad news. This nightmare just keeps getting worse! Surprisingly however, more people suddenly speak English. . .

08:00 The mayor says we probably won’t get home today. They can take people and put them on the trains, but they have to leave their cars in Vaszar and come back later. Only two problems with this, 1- the train only goes to Gyor or Papa, not our village of Nagytevel, so we’re still screwed. 2- We’re not leaving the truck out in the middle of nowhere. Even if we got home, if there were a problem, we’d have no way to get out.

10:00am- The mayor now says maybe in an hour or two we can get to Papa, but not Nagytevel. At least we have friends in Papa that we could go hang out/stay with. The Bigger Captor has made friends with the one child in the place, and they are drawing hand turkeys together. I love that guy!

11:00- I’ve decided I’ll take the train to Papa then walk to the village.. it’s only 15km or so. Bigger Captor won’t let me. I think he doesn’t want me to show him up. Boci is still charming the pants off of everyone, and I feel like he is my new best friend.

12:00 Lunch! I don’t know what it was, but it was amazing. Pork something with buttered noodles. The roads don’t look so bad out there anymore, they sun is out and the wind is much calmer than it was, so we hatch a plan to make an escape.

12:20 We’ve negotiated our release! We’re outta here, come hell or high snow drift.

12:45 We’ve made it to Papa. The road was pretty nasty in some spots. Little cars definitely wouldn’t have made it, but the heavier cross over types would have been semi ok if they kept moving and didn’t stop.

12:50 Police road block on the road to our village. Somehow in the shrugs, pointing and gesturing we glean that the road between Adastavel and Nagytevel is impassible. We just smile and say we are going to Adastevel.

01:05pm HOME. AT. LAST!!!! I get to snuggle with my babies, noogie the puppies and above all else, brush my teeth. I almost feel like a normal person again.

We got lucky with this whole thing. It could have been much, much worse. Thankfully we had 3/4 tank of gas when we left, had stopped to get food (even though I didn’t want to, because I just wanted to get home) and we had warm clothes on and stashed in the truck. So many people were without warm clothes, food or even gas and I can’t imagine how they must have felt stuck in their little cars.

We are extremely grateful to the fire fighters who were out digging folks (and us) out and we are super grateful to the village of Vaszar for giving us all a place to warm up, food to eat, and a place to sleep when they didn’t have to. They took us in like we were one of their own, and that feels pretty dang good.




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  • The Boss March 16, 2013, 10:23 pm

    For the record, The Boss feels pretty bad about all of this. In light of the electrical mishap, he thought he was providing a TV solution before heading out of town for 10 days, thereby allowing a return to movies, etc.. In hindsight, when we turned around (the 5:00 entry) we should have scrapped the TV plan and just had you drop me at the train station. Our conversation on the road north about the need for “Go-Bags” of preplanned clothing and supplies (in case of emergencies) was eerily prophetic, don’t you think? Just glad you left the kiddos home with the Overseers, you weren’t on the M1 between here and Budapest (you’d STILL be out there), and that you ultimately made it back to them ok.

    And yes, I owe.

  • elizabeth March 17, 2013, 7:16 am

    : ) It’s really ok! It could have been much, much worse and I am glad we left the small Captors with the Overseersas well! (great name by btw, I hadn’t thought of anything for them yet) We even brought the TV in later in the afternoon and watched a movie all together while we had chicken/potato/corn chowder. Needless to say, once I ate my bowl I couldn’t keep my eyes open and went to bed. Who cares that it was 7:30?

    Enjoy your trip next week and go get that sim so I have something more to work on!

  • Jeff March 17, 2013, 11:48 pm

    I just want you to know that it’s 80 degrees and I am a little pink from the sunshine here in GA……..just sayin!

  • Adam March 23, 2013, 4:40 pm

    Well, you win. I supposed I can’t complain about my two snowmaggedons and having to shovel snow for an hour.


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