The Cheesecake That Wasn’t

I had a good one for you guys today. But I screwed it up. Sorry bout that. I am a failure (today)

There has been a recipe in the Facebook news feed this last week for a Red Velvet Cheesecake and it looks to die for. So I thought I would make it for you all, but do it in a video blog (vlog) so you could see all the steps and whatnot. I spent all day working on this damn thing. The cake part turned out great, but the cheesecake- not-so-much.

I don’t know what happened to it. I used my own recipe, but something went awry- it is crumbly/watery at the same time and kinda eggy in taste. Josh said to use it anyway, but I decided to wait and get it right. I want it to be beautiful and creamy, like the caramel cheesecake I made for Christmas a few weeks ago. THAT was the perfect texture/taste.  This cake is a sad, pathetic, deformed something that can’t even really be called cheesecake. It’s like a cream cheese quiche.

The baby at least loves it and has been chowing down.  One happy customer I suppose. Though this does nothing to build my repertoire of  cheesecake recipes so one day when I win the lottery I can open up my own shop and work for myself.

In any event, good news, there is red velvet cake in the freezer for when I can re-try the cheesecake. Bad news, cream cheese is mad expensive here. Keep your fingers crossed that Josh gets his physical scheduled soon so I can just go to the commissary and get a whole bunch.

At least I can spend some time learning how to edit the video on this thing. Which reminds me, if you’d like to see a video on something from here in Hungary, leave me some suggestions here or on Facebook!


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  • Jeff January 14, 2014, 4:19 am

    The main reason your cheesecake at Christmas turned out so well was because of the mad skills of the person (me!) who filled the pan with boiling water AROUND the cheesecake pane…… Just saying!


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