The Budapest incident

The whole captor clan took a trip with the Roberts boys (Jeff and Adam, our good friends from home) to Budapest for a day adventure. The Smaller Captor and the Bigger Captor went to a place called AquaWorld which is an indoor water park of sorts, except apparently children can run around butt naked, and it’s not a big deal. The Smaller Captor was very confused by this, as we don’t “encourage” nakedly running amok in our house. I suspect the Bigger Captor might be a proponent of doing so, but he doesn’t admit to it.

The Roberts boys, the Tiny Captor, and I meandered around the city for the better part of the afternoon and into the evening. We saw all kinds of neat things, like vomit piles on sidewalks and a lone pineapple that had once served as a drink receptacle, but now sat all alone on a curb. We went through a “market” which puts any American flea market to shame. This is the sort of place where your camera would get stolen then someone would try and sell it back to you if that is any indication. As such, I insisted we all do a double check of our kidneys before we left the area. All was well. Beyond that, there was an actual Christmas market which was pretty neat to see. Lots of handmade crafts and trinkets, though expensive!

The real fun part of our story is the part where the Bigger Captor came back from AquaWorld to come pick us up. We agreed where to meet, and we all set off for that particular location. Upon arrival, the Bigger Captor pulled into a little loading area and proceeded to tell us the car wouldn’t shift. The Bigger Captor isn’t known for his manual-transmission skills to begin with, so this posed a problem. *ahem* Love you, Honey!

We all looked at him like he was crazy then proceeded to load the vehicle, but lo! and behold, the car would indeed not shift. It was stuck in second gear and nothing short of taking a welding torch to it was going to make it move. We scratched our heads; we tried different tactics. Nothing worked. The Bigger Captor broke down and called the company we rented the car from and explained the situation. The Roberts boys and I all wondered if the awesome driving skills that the Bigger Captor had somehow magically broke the car. We just didn’t whisper our thoughts too loudly.

The car guy sent someone down (who happened to be in Budapest) to look at it. I think he assumed we were all just dumb Americans who couldn’t work the car. That guy was stumped as well. He called back to the car guy who said he’d be there in 2 hours with a driver. This left us with nowhere to go with a screaming baby, a wet, chlorine soaked kid in shorts, and four hungry grownups. There comes a time in the day when I need a cookie, or bad things happen.

Thankfully there was a pizzeria across the street where we could keep an eye on the car as it was precariously parked in a “tow-zone.” Before abandoning our useless form of transportation, I informed the hotel desk clerk that we had broken down behind their building and to please not tow us because someone was coming. The Tiniest Captor played a huge part in this as she screamed in my arms and I did my best to look frazzled. Really, it was pretty easy. Not much acting involved. Angelina Jolie couldn’t have pulled off this performance.

The car guy eventually got there and was just as puzzled about the car. How does a car get stuck in second gear?? We thought of a million things, but nothing made any sense. The driver took us all back here to Nagytevel and left the car guy stranded in Budapest with the car. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, REALLY needed to be home.

In the morning we got a text from the car guy saying Josh hadn’t actually broken the car. (Thank the good lord!) As it turns out, there is an aftermarket transmission lock that can only be engaged with a key (yeah, except, not really). This thing is like “The Club” but on the inside and only in 2nd, 4th, 6th or reverse.

The Bigger Captor explained that while he was waiting on us to get there (yeah..blame the baby and company) the GPS died and he was trying to circle the block, and plug in the GPS while looking for us ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You don’t have to yell, Bigger Captor…

Somehow, he bumped the lock (where the key should go) and it engaged… go figure. Bigger Captor managed to break the car and blame it on us. I call BS.

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