The Bigger Captor Goes On A Trip

Wow- how has it been almost a year? One minute I’m trapped in a hospital writing about my days- the next we have a 2lb baby, and then I started a charity. (Brilliant plan, btw) and then we moved, and our life is complete chaos. That’s how it’s been almost a year.

The quick once over update:

In between then and now, the Bigger Captor became a JAG in the Air Force and we’ve moved to Colorado Springs, Co. Parts of me miss Hungary, other parts of me enjoy going to Target whenever I damn well please. So there’s that.

Today, Bigger Captor left before the butt-crack of dawn at O-Dark-Stupid to head down to Montgomery, Alabama for the next 9 almost 10 weeks. Which means that I’ve been left unattended with the Smaller Captor, the Princess Captor, and the Tiny Captor.

Not good, ya’ll. Not. Good.

It’s 10am and I’m staring at a bottle of wine that only has 1/4 of it left.  Should there be anything left?

Don’t judge me.

It’s been sitting there 1/4 full since Friday.

I know what you were thinking. Don’t try to deny it.

Though to my defense, the Tiny captor stood up, and then fell over, busting his lip open on the coffee table only an hour and a half after the Bigger Captor left.

Maybe I should drink the wine.

It’s going to be a long 9 weeks.


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