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After the Hungarian Snowmageddon the other day, I realized I’ve done a rather poor job of keeping up with this blog. I have a decent reason though. Those people who pay my paycheck said I had to come back to the office if I wanted to keep receiving said paycheck. Apparently getting paid to sit home wasn’t an optimal scenario in their book.  I thought it was great, but I don’t get to make the rules, so back to the office I went. I thought I’d have enough time to keep up with family, work, school and the blog. I. Was. Wrong.  At any rate, here is an update to get you all up to speed on what has been going on here in the Tolin household.

The Bigger Captor: Still working his tail feathers off telecommuting for the firm back home. It’s worked out well this way, since he gets to spend more time with the Tiniest Captor. I fear any sort of bond she and I had will quckly be replaced by the Father-Daughter captor bond. Any chance of having her be on team Mommy is probably gone. The Bigger Captor has some help these days though.

This is probably a good time to introduce The Overseers. While both of them hearken from Cheyenne as well, both were working as Au Pairs in Kenya and their jobs had come to an end which left them with no where to go. So, we gave them somewhere to go! We’ll only have Overseer #1 here until the end of May and her other half, Overseer #2 is looking for a family of his own (until the end of May as well) We’re going to be too used to their help, so come May we’ll probably need to find a new Overseer since we won’t know how to operate without one.

The Smaller Captor is doing great in school, even though the other day he was putting food in other people’s soups. . . But come on, doesn’t soup contain food anyway? The Smaller Captor is also learning karate at school, so when he comes home, he smells more like a corn chip than usual. Gross.

The Tiniest Captor has learned how to roll over front to back and vice versa. She has also learned how to drool enough to soak every piece of fabric within a 10 ft. radius as well as scream like a banshee. I can’t find any child development chart that tracks these things, but I think she’s right on track. Soon we should start seeing the “throwing cheerios and toys” stage.

The Captor Puppies have escaped from the fence another 4, 297 times -though they’ve gotten good about coming right back down to the gate when they’ve done so. Loki has been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome and hypothyroidism. So he’s on a bunch of meds, the poor guy. Kyah’s arthritis seems to be acting up more these days, and we have to face reality that they are both 10 now.

That’s about all! I’ve made it a goal to do better about keeping up with the stories, which means I’ll tell myself no wine until the blog is done. . . that should provide some motivation!

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