Sarah’s First Birthday

Today we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to celebrate the Tiniest Captor’s first birthday!

It seems like yesterday that she forced me into bed rest and My Captivity was launched. It started with daily Facebook updates that gathered far more attention and laughs than I imagined. Husband built the website for me, and here we are.

It’s crazy to look back at all the pictures and see how much she has grown and changed in the last year. You really forget how small they ever were in the beginning! She’s gone from the tiny-baby-burrito to the giant-squirmy-messy-face that is currently watching Sesame Street with her big brother.

When she gets bigger, she’ll have an interesting story to tell: born in Vienna, lived in Hungary, traveled to the US twice, spent time in Germany and Italy, and had friends and family fly across the ocean, all to see her—and that is just year one.

The mornings (read: all night) used to consist of feeding, burping, rocking, snuggling, changing, singing, crying (on everyone’s part), some minor sleeping, etc. Now the mornings consist of her chugging down a bottle in our bed, only to them crawl all over us, lean in for kisses and hugs, and trying to find ways to launch herself off the bed so she can go find her brother.

There is no place that girl would rather be than in her brother’s room, playing with his stuff. She loves to eat dried out playdough, steal his matchbox cars, and let him take things away from her. To that girl, her brother is a god. Even when we think he is being mean, she looks at him adoringly as if to say, “Do it again!” She can’t quite say his name, but calls out “lleeee!” to him and will literally go from crying to laughing in the same breath if he walks into the room. It is safe to say, he is her favorite.

She says “mama,” “dada,” and “eek” (Zeke), but mostly just babbles away at us. She loves to screech for fun, just to see who will look. She waves at strangers and melts their hearts. She’s charmed some neighbors in our village, and has everyone asking us where her socks are constantly.

But enough from us, here is a little slideshow we put together. I’m sure you can make it through without crying, but I can’t. I’ve watched it probably 15 times already and sniffle through it each time. We tried to include as many people as possible, but only had the pictures here on our laptop. So not everyone made it in; for this we are sorry. (But if you have pictures of the two of you together, send them to me!)

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