Our 1st Anniversary!

Holy hell, it’s been a year! Who knew time would fly by so quickly??

Being in Hungary and in the 3rd trimester of our pregnancy, we decided not to go anywhere, but rather to enjoy the time we have at home. In honor of the occasion, I made Joshua a tray of Red Velvet cupcakes with an uber creamy cream cheese frosting.

Making them was a pretty easy chore, surprisingly. I always assumed there would be some magical trick to making these things because they always seem so decadent and not your normal cupcake choice. Let me tell you, it is super easy!

Using Hungarian food coloring was interesting. I was afraid the cupcakes would come out some mutant color, but in all reality, they didn’t and could have used more of the food coloring. This might take a few experiments!

At any rate, this is a run down of our first year of marriage…

  • September 16- got married- YAY!!!
  • September 18, went on our honeymoon cruise… we could use another one right about now!
  • End of September, Joshua started to work for Budd-Falen law offices
  • Mid January- Elizabeth managed to score an interview with NATO and flew to Luxembourg for the event. SCARY!!!
  • February, Elizabeth was offered a Job with NATO… EVEN MORE SCARY!!!
  • Also in February, we found out that our family of three was going to become a family of four! This was super exciting for us. I couldn’t believe it and was in shock, while Joshua bounced around the house like he was on crack. (He doesn’t do crack, come on now….)
  • April, the movers came and packed up our entire home, and Elizabeth left for Hungary.
  • June, the boys came over to Hungary!!!
  • July, we had to return to Cheyenne for Pop pop’s funeral. It was a sad reason to go home, but it was nice for Elizabeth to see everyone.
  • August, Ollie went to spend 2 weeks with Uncle Ian and Aunt Cristiana in Germany… he survived, but probably wouldn’t make made it a 3rd week…
  • Also in August, Ollie started second grade at QSI here in Hungary
  • September, here we are a year later, moved away from all our family and friends, living in a foreign country, pregnant, and learning to live in a different way. It’s exciting, nerve wracking, challenging, and calmer than our previous lives at home. We’ve gone from being busy every weekend, to having nothing to do on the weekends and it is glorious! We can actually get caught up on the laundry, or chose to go do something if we want, or chose to do nothing if we want. We’ve never been so spoiled! Though the baby is due in November and we are looking at an October induction date and once the wee one gets here, life will be crazy again!

I can’t imagine going through this adventure with anyone else, in fact, I know that this adventure would have been impossible without Joshua. We were meant for each other in so many ways. We make each other better, we challenge each other, and I am trying my hardest to fatten him up. I don’t think it’s working though. Maybe after a full year of my having to make everything from scratch!

I love you madly Joshua, thank you for saying yes to this adventure we call life. Who knew that we would find ourselves here! I can’t imagine where we will go in another year….. I square you!

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