No Good Way To Frost A Marshmallow

Today, February 4th, is the Smaller Captor’s 8th birthday! I can’t believe he’s getting so big. It seems like a few weeks ago he was as small as the Tiniest Captor. And now look at him! He’s huge and more teeth are falling out of his head!


My sweet boy and little princess!

My sweet boy and little princess!


If you’ve met my darling, imagination-the-size-of-Texas boy, you’ll know that the kid adores Legos. He has tons of them. And I always find them with my feet. . .

For his birthday, I decided to attempt to redeem myself for the parent-of-the-year award and go all Betty Freakin Crocker and make him his birthday cake. (This is merely because I am about 6,000 miles away from the nearest Albertson’s bakery.) So I made him a Lego block cake! You can make all different sizes of Lego blocks to make the cake with, but really there are only 3 of us who would be eating said cake, and we don’t need to have an entire foundations worth of Lego brick cake blocks sitting on the counter.

Let me tell you something. . . you use jet puffed marshmallows to make the Lego bumps (which is freaking clever as all hell, thanks internets!) The trick is, you have to frost them BEFORE you put them on the cake, which brings us to the title. There is no effing good way to frost a marshmallow. The frosting gets everywhere, and then you have to try and get it on the cake without finger smudges on the marshmallow or the cake!  There is only so much finger frosting licking a girl can handle for one day.

The sugar has gone straight to my brain and my fingers look as if I've been smashing smurfs!

The sugar has gone straight to my brain and my fingers look as if I’ve been smashing smurfs!

Here is the result though!

Booyah! Lego cake!!

Booyah! Lego cake!!

At any rate, the cake was a mega hit with the boy. I think I might have won back some love! (The Bigger Captor is still his favorite, obviously, but with enough sugar, I might still have a chance)

But, since it’s his birthday, I’ll leave you with some awesome little man nuggets. . .

*In reference to the load of white laundry that was freshly bleached and he was asked to move them from the washer to the dryer*

“Mommy, these socks smell like they’ve been to the swimming pool!”

*The Bigger Captor was trying to get me to let go of the window button in the car so he could roll it back up and make us all suffer in his stench*

me: “Stop it! You need to drive so you don’t hit a villager!”

Smaller Captor: ” Yeah, you don’t want to mess up your truck!” *personal note, I about died laughing at him, and he doesn’t know why*

*In reference to baby duties*

“Aba, (that’s what he calls the Bigger Captor) It’s good that Daddies don’t have to have the babies, because then they’d have to do the milk pumping  and that would SUCK!”  (Oh child, if you ONLY knew!!)

I love this kid.




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  • Joals February 16, 2013, 4:36 am

    Awesome job, woman! Dex was jealous of his cake! I love that boy so very much!


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