Missing: Motivation- Offering Small Reward

Today is one of those days. Last night I was in bed, staring at the ceiling thinking of all I would get accomplished today. It’s a Hungarian national holiday so everyone (except our international school kids) got the day off. Oh, the things I would accomplish! Tons of laundry to be done, food to be made, things to organize, dust, etc. In my head it was a very productive venture, and the house looked great!

The Bigger Captor came to bed around midnight (again. This is like every day of our life now) He had been awake after working and had spent the last hour surfing Facebook and changing some of his picture. Those of you who know the Bigger Captor know that he is NEVER on Facebook and the only reason he has pictures there is because or others tag him in them. He was so proud of himself, so he woke me up had me go look. A few minutes into going through his page, I hear him snoring next to me. If the Bigger Captor has a super power, it’s that he can fall asleep and be SNORING in about 3 minutes flat. His super hero name could be something like “Narcoleptic Nasal Guy”

( I was going to insert a picture of a nose wearing a cape here, but there is ONE (1) picture out there on Google and they want 30 bucks for it. So- Nope.)

The tiniest captor was up at 2am and again at 6:30am- The Bigger Captor didn’t budge either of those times. I swear I should keep a water gun hidden by my side of the bed. Then when he doesn’t stir, I’ll squirt him in the ear with it. Then lay there and pretend to be asleep.

The Smaller Captor had to be drug out of bed by his toes, and the Bigger Captor had to guilt tripped into getting out of bed. He promised I could sleep in today since the Internal Captor has been draining me of energy. At that point though I was wide awake.¬† I tried to sleep but it wasn’t happening and the Internal Captor demanded food. I relented- otherwise I would be punished with more of the lovely all day nausea this one loves to give to me.

After that, I took a 3 HOUR NAP. And it was amazing. But very little has been accomplished today. The floors got vacuumed, peanut butter cookie dough is ready to go in the fridge (not baked mind you), the dog bed got washed and the roast is in for dinner. Oh and the Tiniest Captor got a bath and then promptly pooped in it. So, Yep.

I think the Internal Captor might have eaten my motivation for a snack. Or perhaps it blew out the window with this wind. If you find it, you can have some peanut butter cookie dough- cause I probably won’t have baked them yet.

P.S. Please don’t send Martha Stewart to my house for a visit, she’ll be very disapointed and I don’t know that I can handle the rejection.

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