Judafest (the Budapest Jewish Festival)

This weekend we decided to attempt another trip into Budapest. We managed to do so without actually losing any of our belongings OR scratching the car in attempt to park somewhere. I’d say it was a succesful venture!

We checked out a Jewish Festival that was going on, though everything was in Hungarian and hardly anyone spoke English, so it was pretty hard to understand what was going on. Oliver was a trooper however and tried his hand at some games, we perused the street vendors, listened to some music and toured one of the old synagogues.

This was the orthodox part of town, so everything was kosher, which was pretty neat to see.

Judafest 2012

Ollie playing a game.

This is serious business, folks.

A sign showing the damage done to the synagogue in 1944.

Kazinksy utca Synagogue.

Kazinsky utca glass window.

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