Jet Lag, Babies, and Being Sick

The title pretty much sums up my life for this last week since we’ve returned to Hungary.

The only person who seems to be sleeping regularly is the Smaller Captor, Oliver. Though, he’s beyond extra slow in the mornings. So slow, it’s painful. At least he gets a full night of sleep I guess.

The poor baby has been sick since the plane trip. She had been asleep for a while on the flight from Denver to Frankfurt and woke up needing a pants change. I took her, changed her and noticed she was a touch warm. I didn’t think much of it though because she was sleeping on us, so it would be easy to get rather toasty. As we got back to our row, the Bigger Captor was sitting there with a tray full of napkins, and empty food containers. And when the baby proceeded to start throwing up on me about 2 minuets later he just sat there and watched rather than try and grab something to help minimize the damage.


By the time we got home, I was covered in baby throw up, spaghetti sauce the baby flicked on me from the plane food, and pickle juice that the Bigger Captor dumped on me. Ode de airplane!

Since then though, the poor thing has been super sick, high fevers, not sleeping, snot factory, etc. At least she only threw up the one time. She doesn’t sleep for beans though- and wants to be in our bed, or held.

Night before last, I had finally gotten her to stop tossing and turning on the bed and lay across my chest. She had been quiet and baby snoring for about 10 minutes when the Bigger Captor decided to roll himself over and take her feet off of him. This of course woke her up. (Internal scream)  The Bigger Captor says he was pretty sure I was about to make him go sleep on the couch with the puppy. I should have.

Yesterday I had to call in late to work to take a nap in the morning before coming in since I had been up with the girl all night. I couldn’t even see straight. I planned my nap time carefully and I had banked on the fact that my hair was in decent shape from the day before so I wouldn’t have to wash it meaning I could sleep longer. But as I got up and started getting ready I noticed that one side of my hair was matted to the side of my head. Matted because it was full of dried baby snot.

I would say gross, but all I can do is shrug and go re-shampoo. I am so tired, I don’t even care.


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