Hungarian House Hunting

Try house hunting five thousand miles from home.

Try house hunting without your husband, your son, or your two dogs.

Try house hunting in a foreign language.

I did, and well enough that the my boys and pups are happy!

That being said, this is our new home! We live in a little village that has around 100 homes, and a beautiful lake that is 1 KM down the street. It’s larger than our house in Wyoming, which is nice, but it has NO CLOSETS! ACK! This makes unpacking things rather difficult, and as a result, we have quite the cardboard kingdom going on in our place. We may never actually unpack everything.

This lack of closet space has made it mandatory that we make a few trips to IKEA for “Storage solutions.” Those trips can hardly be viewed as a bad thing, though on our first trip, between Joshua and I, we managed to lose his iPhone which was promptly stolen. Not fun!

But, I digress, back to the house! The showers aren’t showers, they are tubs with seats and a handheld shower head. Makes shower time interesting, and when you get back to a regular shower, you almost don’t know what to do with yourself! We have 3 nice sized bedrooms and a guest room that is doubling as Joshua’s office right now.  (If you want to visit, we have space!) Even the baby will have his or her own room. We are definitely spoiled in this house.

The power in the house is a little iffy… We have learned that we can only have the oven and the dishwasher on at the same time. If we run the dryer in the mix, off everything goes. Stove + oven= ok. Stove+oven+microwave= not ok. It’s a challenge, but it makes life interesting.


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