Hospital Captivity Days 3&4

It’s been pretty quiet with not much to report around here the last few days. I haven’t been sick again (which is awesome!) and I haven’t hit the pinnacle of boredom either. It’s coming though, I’m sure of it.

We’ve had a pretty healthy stream of visitors, including the Smaller & Tiniest Captors. We did our damnedest to keep them quiet, but we might have failed a few times. The Tiniest Captor (Who needs a new name!!!) got up and walked around the room for a while yesterday. It was pretty awesome to see and you can tell she is super proud of herself! Good thing, too, because practically ALL of her pants are worn through on the knees now. I’d go shopping, but I’m pretty sure the warden wouldn’t allow that.

The healthy stream of folks have also brought a healthy stream of snacks, which is doubly awesome. Pumpkin bread, fresh baked bread with butter and raspberry jam, cutie oranges, breakfast bars. . . I am going to get fat! (Fatter, really)

They did let me go down to the cafeteria in a “wheel chair ride” yesterday, and I seriously considered hatching an escape plan akin to the time my brother broke out of Landstuhl hospital in Germany, though I don’t think Hooters will be my destination. Although, in keeping with McClure tradition, it might have to be! It would be even better if he could be the one to break me out of here and stage the whole thing. . . *cough* *Hint-hint*

Yesterday the floor was packed because a ton of moms had scheduled c-sections for the date (4-4-14) and then things on the floor went from normal to crazy PLUS the scheduled moms. The nurses looked a tad frazzled and I hardly saw anyone all day. I had to go out and ask who my night time nurse was around 9:15 because no one had stopped in (they change at 7) and I needed my meds. Not a big deal at all, but that’s how busy it was.

They’ve continued the torture of more steroid shots (yippee!) which aren’t THAT bad compared to the amnio. They just screw me up and make me not sleep and feel kinda crummy in general.

Example: I just sneezed so hard I knocked Toby off the heart monitor and triggered a contraction. Whoops!

I wish I had some comical things to write about, but so far, zilch. Que es triste?

Got any good ideas for a new name for the Tiniest Captor? Seeing as how Toby really will be the tiniest, I think Miss Sarah will need to graduate to a new name. So let’s hear your suggestions!!





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  • The Boss April 5, 2014, 4:48 pm

    Since she is the only girl captor, perhaps “The Female Captor” would do. Of course, “The Duchess” would also be a good fit…


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