Give Away Time!

It has finally happened! It’s time to do our first ever give away!

What are we giving away? Good question–but it’s surprise. All I will tell you is that it came from the Budapest Christmas Market, and it’s breakable. Why do I mention that it’s breakable? Because there is  a story here (which is good, otherwise there is no good way to do this thing).

It  took forever to decide what the item was going to be while shuffling around in the cold, with the baby bundled up in her polar bear suit, and the entire group meandering about. There were lots of neat things to see, eat, smell, and watch. Sensory overload.

I found the item on the way out of the market and everyone was relieved–I think in part because they were concerned I would break down in tears if I didn’t find something.

The Keeper of the Captors (read: au pair), Paula, and I skipped merrily away content with our purchase and had visions of warm food and bathrooms dancing in our heads.

While walking along the river back to the car, Paula and Rod asked if I could take some pictures of them with the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge in the background, because when they are lit up at night, they are particularly beautiful.

It was around picture number three when I shifted and went to snap another shot. I had removed my gloves and in doing so, removed the bag holding the give away gift from my wrist. Upon clicking the button I heard a sickening “THWACK.” I knew what it was before even looking down. The Keeper of the Captors and Paula stared at me wide eyed; Rod looked puzzled and said, “What was THAT?”

I couldn’t even bring myself to open the bag, so the Keeper of the Captors did it for me. She gingerly picked up the bag from the ground and whispered, “It’s in many pieces.” Sure enough. It had been smashed to smithereens.

I must have made a pouty face because Rod looked at Paula and asked if she knew where it was that I got it. The two of them ran off to get me a new one, afraid I would have a pregnancy-induced tearful meltdown along the Danube. The others just tried to give me hugs and promise it would be OK as we lumbered on towards the cars.

So, the good news: We have a give away gift!

The bad news: We also have a broken give away gift!

Which brings me to the point and the rules of the give away.  3 Super easy simple steps!

First, go here: The My Captivity Facebook Page! 

Second, click “Like.”

Third, share the post AND leave a comment with your guess as to how many shards the original give away gift is in. The person with the closest guess wins. If there are multiple correct guesses, a winner will be chosen at random.

That’s it! I’ll contact the winner to get a mailing address and send off the prize. Easy right?

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