Decaf Bedrest

Monday I went to work, and by went to work, I mean shuffled slowly about 1/4 mile from the parking lot to our building and my desk. From there I proceeded to sit in a hard chair for about 6 hours with some random shuffling around my container thrown in for excitement.

We have a guy at work who has been on the walking wounded list for a while now, I think he had a stroke a while back, but I’m not positive. At any rate, he shuffles faster than I do. Several of my co-workers felt the need to point this out. (as if I wasn’t already painfully aware) It’s cool though, shuffling that slowly lets you really see all the dents in the wall and scuff marks on the floor. It does wonders for your interior design motivation!

My dear container mate saw my plight and said “no-way-Jose!” Fast forward a few hours and the doctor has said the same thing. Bless those two! I now I have a note that says no-going-to-work-to-sit-in-chairs-and-walk-around, but I can work from home in my bed. So I shuffled the 1/4 mile back to the car and drove myself home. Begrudgingly, might I add, because I was really hurting by then and driving home was not my idea of fun.

Today began my first day of working from my bed and let me tell you, it is SO HARD not to nap. I mean, it’s my bed for Pete’s sake! So while I get to be in it- I don’t get to give it the full body hug it deserves.I’m terrified it will resent my by the time this 2 weeks is up.

I do get random visitors though. The dog brings me whatever he is chewing on at the moment, leaving slobber trails all down the side of my bed. The Tiniest Captor crawls in and pulls herself up, looking at me with those baby eyes that make me feel guilty for things I haven’t yet done. And the Smaller Captor comes in, wanting to just hang out and try to convince me to let him watch a movie for the 8,324th time. He even brought me lunch. It consisted of 7 fritos, and a sandwich made of the heel of the loaf, plus the next piece with about a tablespoon of tuna on it. I’m pretty sure the prisoners at Gitmo eat better than that.

Tomorrow is a new day, perhaps the warden Bigger Captor will let me shower, and the Smaller Captor will make me some form of lunch again. In the mean time, I’ll do my best not to work and nap at the same time. (though the results could either be terrible, or terribly awesome . . . food for thought)




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