Day 69: Still Trapped

It’s my second day of being in this hospital they have cleverly tried to disguise as a “hotel.” Call me crazy, but I’ve never met anyone who goes to a hotel to get poked, prodded, and stuck with needles. If that is some kind of new fad, I want out- like yesterday. Leave me to crawl around my house, I think I’m safer there.

The nurses and staff are all pleasant, too pleasant. I think they’re up to something, I just haven’t figured it out yet. They all smile constantly. It’s like the Stepford Wives, but worse, as they come equipped with needles and sharp things. My particular nurse looks like a hipster, black plastic glasses and all. I think she might be a Stepford Nurse in training- or perhaps this isn’t her scene, it’s not cool enough. (really it’s not- have you seen these hospital slippers??)

Today the “hospitality leader” i.e. the person in charge of food recognized me from when the Tiniest Captor was born last year.  I think is a sign that I need to make my escape from here sooner rather than later. She gives me disapproving looks when I don’t eat all my food and makes comments when she brings the next meal.  I can’t help that I’m not all that hungry. My back is killing me, so food isn’t really a priority, plus, I have enough extra me stored from the last baby so my body can just survive off of that. (That’s what we were taught in health class, right?) I had the Bigger Captor eat my pasta at lunch so she wouldn’t yell at me. It worked.

My roommate has been here for 6 weeks now. I can’t imagine the mindless boredom that has been her life for this time. I’ve been here 24 hours and even though I can’t walk real well, I’m still tempted to make a slow hobble escape. I think she is becoming one of them. She and the staff are all friends, and she says she loves them all. Perhaps this is an outreach program of the Borg, and she’s being assimilated. I don’t know if there is hope for her, I’m afraid if I don’t leave though, she’ll try to have me assimilated too.

There was a Gourmet SPAR up the road last year, and it had Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream as well as Pepperidge Farm cookies. The Bigger Captor went to get me some and came back to tell me it’s closed, gutted, and no one is there. It’s probably part of their plot to destroy all hope patients might have had. Perhaps to break them sooner. Maybe that’s what happened to my roommate. . .

I must escape. Even if I have to crawl. . .


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