Day 68: Round Two

The Internal Captor is trying to destroy me. He or she is sitting inside their pouch plucking on my hip nerves the way a cherub would pluck a harp. Except the Internal Captor is neither a cherub nor are my nerve bundles a harp. I can guarantee you that the sounds that escape from me are nothing beautiful.

Bigger Captor had to take me to the hospital in Vienna since that’s where our doctor is. Poor guy didn’t think my having to crawl to the bathroom was all that healthy. (and I’ll agree! After seeing some of the dust bunnies in places, I now understand why the Tiniest Captor wants up all the time-those dust bunnies might eat someone!)

The Bigger Captor brought out the strangest looking wheelchair, ever. And then he proceeded to drive me into almost every wall before parking me in the middle of a busy hallway. I think they might have suspected him of driving a wheelchair under the influence.

The master hospital torture staff has already poked my back/hips with cold mean fingers, stuck needles in my veins and even did an acupuncture needle IN MY EAR. Supposedly it’s supposed to help my back, but only my ear is numb. Plus they gave me a “transfusion” that’s was supposed to be pain meds. I think it was soap, because that’s what the inside of my mouth tastes like now.

Oh and I have these super sexy leg compression socks I get to wear. Go on, you can say you’re jealous.

I don’t know when I’m leaving. They’re keeping me at least tonight and tomorrow. I wasn’t planning on that so I don’t have a change of underwear. Things could get interesting. 

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