Day 27

Still here…. still round(er) Made some peanut butter cookies today, but the bigger captor and his dad have eaten most of them. I told the smaller captor he could have one when he came home this afternoon, and he told me no thanks… and then went on about his business. Who is this kid who doesn’t want cookies??? We are headed to Vienna tomorrow to see what Tiny Tolin up to. I’m not getting my hopes up. Tiny Tolin probably in there working on his/her resume which probably looks something like this:

Tiny Tolin

Contact info: 1-800-liz-womb

Cannot accept written correspondence, please send it in the form of chocolate.

Conception through Current: I excell at organ kicking and hiccups. My skills at creating heartburn are unmatched and I am exceptionally good at finding the right nerve to crush at exactly the right time.

At any rate… it’s time to make tacos!

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