Day 14

Day 14 of my captivity: Today has been less captive and more panic about probably silly things. I can’t seem to help myself. I about lost my mind because the ipad headphone jack stopped working and thats what I was planning on taking to the hospital for music during the delivery. But I couldn’t get it connected to the computer to then update the small ipod, because my computer charger is broken and the computer completely dead… see my issue?

*face palm*

Anyway…the floors were re-accomplished so that was nice. Small captor got out of school early and then the bigger captor and I had a parent teacher conference. The small captor is doing quite well, so I am very proud of him. The bigger captors reinforcements are enjoying their time here (so far!) and we managed to find a pumpkin for the small captor to carve this evening. That should be fun! Roasted pumpkin seeds.. mmmmm….

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