Crazy x 2

Yesterday, if you read the All I Am Thankful For post, you saw where I thanked my darling husband for being able to be married to a crazy person. I thought I should explain a little. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sad or deep post, but rather a few examples of exactly HOW crazy I have been as of late.

Yes, I know it’s pregnancy hormones mixed with a crazy level of stress- but some of these things are funny when you can step back and look at them. And hey, if you can find the humor in things, that’s a good sign right? I mean, I’ve not reached some deep hole of sadness that I can’t pull myself out of, so I think that’s a plus. Maybe just a deep hole of crazy. . .

Without further ado:

1.The other day I was getting some Cheerios out for Sarah and I got all sad pants. No idea why, I mean for crying out loud (which I was)  the first word in the name is Cheer! They aren’t Sad-ios. But there I was sniffling over a Tupperware bowl of cereal while baby Sarah clung to my legs trying to reach her little baby hands up to get some.

2.We had to get Ollie’s glasses fixed the other day, so while we were at Sears, Josh found a really cute fancy dress for Sarah, but I told him no, she didn’t need a fancy dress- where would she wear it? Then I got all teary because I asked him to put it back and felt bad about it. Usually people have regret from purchasing things, not from NOT purchasing things. Weird huh?

3. I bought Ollie all the school supplies he needs off the list the school district publishes. I was super proud that he was all ready to go, then Josh came home and was confused as to why I bought them. Apparently right after the principal at the school told me where the list was, the secretary said not to purchase them because they aggregate all the supplies and he might not need anything. I seriously have no recollection of her saying that. Whoops!

4. I can’t make up my mind about ANYTHING. Let’s cook at home, no wait, let’s go out. No let’s not go out, I’m not even hungry. . . I can’t even keep up with me!

5. I make lists for the grocery store and STILL forget to get the items, even though the list is in front of my face. I have no excuse. . .

I know these aren’t all that extreme, but it’s stuff like this that happens all the time. Throw those in with the being scared/sad fits and imagine how it is around here. One moment I’m crazy, then sad, then laughing about something inappropriate.  If I’m not careful I might wind up with some new padded digs sans furniture.

If you see/email/call Josh, tell him he’s doing a great job as husband. (and try to convince him not to have me committed!) :D





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