Challah in Hungary

In Wyoming, the trick to a perfect Friday-night challah is letting the dough rise in the shower. No, seriously, you need the heat and the humidity…. and it’s not like it’s IN the shower… just next to the tub, on a chair, perfectly safe from the water… I just turned the shower into a mini steam room, thats all!

There weren’t any scantily clad beauties fawning over it, feeding it grapes, though I’m sure that would help boost it’s ego, and maybe rise a bit quicker… who knows… but I digress….

Living in Hungary, my first challah worked perfectly. No shower needed.

Holla for Challah!

Problem is, the boys will eat nothing but challah when I make it… I’m afraid they will turn into little dough men. And not the cute Pillsbury kind!

Something I’ve learned while making said challah, is that there is a TON of dough with this particular recipe, and sure, I could cut it half, or find a smaller recipe, but what fun is that? It’s way more fun to take the extra dough and do this with it….


Oh, yeah… you know you want one! Especially when they look like this!

Ooh, yeah!

I hereby promise anyone who comes to visit that they shall receive hot cinnamon rolls! (So there’s some incentive for you people to come visit! ) I can’t really mail them, so you’ll be forced to come to me!

If you’d rather just use my recipes, head over to the recipes tab and you can find all the instructions! My challah and challah cinnamon roll recipe. Then use the cream cheese frosting recipe to top it all off!

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