Stories from the Captive

Life As I Know It

The lead up: It's been 5 days since we've met the 2nd sonographer who gave us the rather un-informative news about Toby. What he told us was that the baby is extremely small, but that the organs have been developing normally- heart beat was strong, brain was looking good, and he couldn't see any physical [...]

The Cheesecake That Wasn’t

I had a good one for you guys today. But I screwed it up. Sorry bout that. I am a failure (today) There has been a recipe in the Facebook news feed this last week for a Red Velvet Cheesecake and it looks to die for. So I thought I would make it for you [...]

Jet Lag, Babies, and Being Sick

The title pretty much sums up my life for this last week since we've returned to Hungary. The only person who seems to be sleeping regularly is the Smaller Captor, Oliver. Though, he's beyond extra slow in the mornings. So slow, it's painful. At least he gets a full night of sleep I guess. The [...]

And The Time We Almost Went Back To Europe

I should be on a plane right now. In fact, I should be on a 2nd plane by now. But instead, I am typing in the dark whilst the Tiniest Captor baby snores in the pack-n-play between the two beds in our hotel room. I had to wait in the dark for her to fall [...]


Hi there Friends and Family! We hope that 2013 has treated you well. For us 2013 was the Hungarian calm before the storm and in 2014 our lives will be up in the air. (Whee!) Oliver has been doing very well in the 3rd grade at his international school. He is reading a ton (big [...]

Antelope and Then Some

I received the strangest thing EVER for Christmas from my family this year. I did not see this one coming, the same way the bunny down the road didn't see the big truck coming . . . anyhow . . . A while back when my Grandmother was getting ready to move, she had asked [...]

Wild Blue Yonder

The Bigger Captor gets to sing a new song-- The Air Force Song! That's right, the Bigger Captor is going to become a United States Air Force JAG Officer! (attorney) It took FOREVER to get the phone call! Between then Government shut down, and all the other nonsense going on in the world, the notifications [...]

tire, tire, tire, tire, TIRE!!!!

Ok, I mean really. Who else does this stuff happen to? We were on our way home in our jalopy of a rental vehicle (which they are replacing tomorrow or heaven help them!) when the weirdest thing happened. We were sitting in the left lane of Dell Range at the stop light. It wasn't in [...]

A Moment With Oliver

Short & sweet (short yes, but sweet--debatable) One day I might make a compilation of all the things that come out of the Smaller Captor's mouth- and maybe turn it into a book or something. I can think of about 3 people who would buy it, but it would make a great gift for someone [...]

Trainee McClure Reports As Ordered

The first day of basic training was interesting, but it certainly wasn't the only comedic day. Let's face it, I do a pretty good job of playing the scared animal. I don't run and hide, I don't bark back, I am frozen--nay, petrified; both metaphorically and physically. I worry about doing the wrong thing and [...]