Stories from the Captive

I’m not dead yet

Tonight's installment of My Captivity is brought to you by a dinner comprised of red wine and Ritz crackers. . . and maybe some blue cheese if I can muster the energy to walk the 8 or so feet to the fridge. TBD. It's been an interesting past few weeks. After the IKEA bed educational [...]

Alone With The Children Captors: Day 1

After the tiny captor fell and busted his lip open on the coffee table yesterday I felt like a terrible parent. To punish myself I decided to take on the gnarliest foe of all adult human beings: an IKEA project. Notice the image below. Clearly these jokers think a single person can't assemble their furniture. [...]

The Bigger Captor Goes On A Trip

Wow- how has it been almost a year? One minute I'm trapped in a hospital writing about my days- the next we have a 2lb baby, and then I started a charity. (Brilliant plan, btw) and then we moved, and our life is complete chaos. That's how it's been almost a year. The quick once [...]

The Event

Again, the poor blog has been badly neglected. One would think that since I have nothing to do but sit around the NICU I would have oodles of time on my hands. Truth be told however, the days fly by so quickly and they have thus far all blurred together. The constant dings and beeps [...]

Hospital Captivity Days 3&4

It's been pretty quiet with not much to report around here the last few days. I haven't been sick again (which is awesome!) and I haven't hit the pinnacle of boredom either. It's coming though, I'm sure of it. We've had a pretty healthy stream of visitors, including the Smaller & Tiniest Captors. We did [...]

Day 2 of my newest captivity

I'm sitting here watching the snow gracefully and quietly fall down from a grey sky. It's quiet out there, but in here, a quick but steady thump-thump-thump plays on. I have to sit attached to these monitors for an hour, three times a day. Toby seems wound up this morning. His heartbeat has been in [...]


I was going to put up a blog a few days ago, but things kinda got out of hand. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the drama. But here's a re-cap in case you missed it. Oliver went across the field to the park around 10:30am on Friday. (There wasn't any [...]

Joshua Tolin and The Sorcerer’s Kidney Stone

Josh said last week it was too soon to poke fun at him for the kidney stone. I asked when "too soon" would be over. He said never. I said, whatever. It's been a week, and he's fine so. . . Last week we headed down to Denver the night before our appointment for Toby [...]

Crazy x 2

Yesterday, if you read the All I Am Thankful For post, you saw where I thanked my darling husband for being able to be married to a crazy person. I thought I should explain a little. Don't worry, this isn't a sad or deep post, but rather a few examples of exactly HOW crazy I [...]

All I Am Thankful For

With all that has happened in these few short weeks, we have been overwhelmed with love and support from near and far. And while I may not have said thank you right off the bat, please know that I (we) are forever grateful for the help. I just wanted to take a quick second to [...]