Captors Abroad

The Day After Tomorrow- Hungarian Style

This one isn't so much funny or snarky like usual, it's more a diatribe of the crazy storm we got trapped in the other night. Even this accounting doesn't do it justice. Truth be told, we never saw this crap coming! Our story starts Wednesday when, in walks my boss and asks if I can [...]

Look at All the Pretty Ponies! Or Sausages…

or horses, whatever the technical name for them is. Don’t ask me what breed they are, because I would have no idea. Draft horses maybe? I just know they look awfully peaceful hanging out in this big field with large gorgeous trees. The babies have gotten big over the summer and get to frolic all [...]

What’s That?

What's that? No English muffins in Hungary, you say? Oh, well here, eat the ones I made :)

Our 1st Anniversary!

Holy hell, it’s been a year! Who knew time would fly by so quickly?? Being in Hungary and in the 3rd trimester of our pregnancy, we decided not to go anywhere, but rather to enjoy the time we have at home. In honor of the occasion, I made Joshua a tray of Red Velvet cupcakes [...]

Judafest (the Budapest Jewish Festival)

This weekend we decided to attempt another trip into Budapest. We managed to do so without actually losing any of our belongings OR scratching the car in attempt to park somewhere. I’d say it was a succesful venture! We checked out a Jewish Festival that was going on, though everything was in Hungarian and hardly [...]

Our Jellybean

No, jellybean is not a nickname for the child growing inside of me. That, my husband named Megatron. Yes, we lovingly refer to the next member of our family as a deceptikon. That is a different story. What I’m talking about is a big change from Cowboy Country to Central Europe, and more specifically the [...]

Challah in Hungary

In Wyoming, the trick to a perfect Friday-night challah is letting the dough rise in the shower. No, seriously, you need the heat and the humidity…. and it’s not like it’s IN the shower… just next to the tub, on a chair, perfectly safe from the water… I just turned the shower into a mini [...]

Hungarian House Hunting

Try house hunting five thousand miles from home. Try house hunting without your husband, your son, or your two dogs. Try house hunting in a foreign language. I did, and well enough that the my boys and pups are happy! That being said, this is our new home! We live in a little village that [...]