Can Adults Need Adult Supervision?

This last weekend was a nice lazy weekend. Really, it was awesome. No super crazy plans, no traveling, just grocery shopping and chilling out. I say chilling, because lately it’s been 100+ degrees out there and I am certain I was melting into a human puddle. Or I could have consumed too much water. . . I digress. . .

We have these face painting kits laying around from this spring. I coordinated the kids activities for a 5k run that the base/town has put together for a few years in a row. I was absolutely panicking because I was told to expect 200-300 kids, had literally zero budget and had to plan things to do for all of them.

My first ideas went something like this-

  • staring contest
  • massive game of duck, duck, goose
  • red rover bracket
  • world’s largest “hide and go seek”

Those obviously weren’t going to work. So, “to heck with it!” I thought. And put together some other ideas and procured supplies on my own dime or from things I had here at the house. The list got slightly better. I’m not a carnie, I can’t be expected to know all of this stuff! Anyhow, here is an example of a few, (but not all) activities. (Only marginally better than the first list)

  • I got cans, wrapped them in bright paper and had softballs for a can-pyramid-knockdown-station-thingy.
  • Went and bought 20 hula-hoops for a contest station
  • Pulled a bunch of old clothes for a “wacky clothes race”
  • Bought 8 million colored pencils and printed plane pictures for a coloring station
  • Convinced one of my pilot friends to pick up a Walmart order of face painting kits and bring them back for the event. (And this is where it all went wrong)

The race was on a Saturday, the plane was supposed to be back Friday. The time frame was cutting it close, but this was going to work, so help me! Aaannndd then they said the plane wasn’t coming. The face painting station was to be the pinnacle of the whole ordeal! Kids LOVE face paint, parents love face paint, painters love face paint, especially when it’s FREE to the kids! What was I going to do?!?!?

After my mini coronary, with the help of my office mate, we were able to find a store 45 min away that had face paint type things. I left work early, drove out there, bought all they had and came back, feeling relieved that we wouldn’t disappoint the wannabe kitties and vampires of the world. With face paint crayon stick things, I was again triumphant. Especially so since I don’t speak more than 10 words of the language.

Saturday morning came, I drug my entire family out in the damp, grey weather and met my team of volunteers that would  help try to contain the hordes of children who would descend upon us- making us rethink our decision to help, or to live, for that matter.  We got there early to set up, and waited. And waited. And waited.

We had 12 kids show up for the kids field activities. Twelve/(12)/a dozen/half of the Duggar clan/doce/douze/a package of eggs. You get the picture? Not 200, not 300, just 12.

Out of that 12, 5 of them came to get their faces painted. Everyone else was too consumed with the bouncy house on the other side of the field. (The other 7 of them) Which leads us back to this weekend. I have a crap ton of face paint at my house. The first order from Walmart that showed up after the fact, and the second batch I bought here in Hungary. Ollie was my first victim

Yarrr, Matey!

Yarrr, Matey!

Then I set about making Josh into something awesome as well.

Hold nice and still, babe. . .

Hold nice and still, babe. . .

You rock that unicorn, Josh.

You rock that unicorn, Josh.

I can’t be trusted. The adult who was supposed to be supervising me now had a purple unicorn emblazoned across his head. Pretty magical, right? We should have gone out in public. Wasted opportunity if you ask me.

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