Antelope and Then Some

I received the strangest thing EVER for Christmas from my family this year. I did not see this one coming, the same way the bunny down the road didn’t see the big truck coming . . . anyhow . . .

A while back when my Grandmother was getting ready to move, she had asked everyone if there were things in the house we all would like to have, so she wouldn’t sell them or toss them out. The Tolin clan had laid claim to a few random things; An oil painting of my Grandpa’s parents (he was very worried that no one would take it and it would end up in the trash) the 1950’s turkey roaster that works like a champ, the piggy cookie jar, and last but not least, the antelope bust that hung above the stairs.

Grandma had shot it herself, and it would be a shame to send it away! Plus, we don’t hunt, so the likelihood of us going out and getting one of our own is pretty much nilch.

Somehow in all of the who-wants-what-planning, the antelope was left off the list for us and my brother swooped in to lay claim to the antelope bust. A dramatic Facebook fight ensued, but unfortunately the posts have somehow vanished.

At any rate, at some point during the debate, I volunteered to take the ass-end of the antelope if it could be located . . . I should have known better than to open my mouth. One day MAYBE I will learn.

The ass-end has been located.

I now own that ass-end, and it has eyeballs on it.

They call it the "Prairie Owl"

They call it the “Prairie Owl”

It’s no James Garfield ala “The Bloggess” but Patrick is awesome!

I had always imagined it to have the back legs still attached and just hanging there- but that just goes to show that you need to be specific when you say you’ll accept a certain part of a dead animal. I can’t hang it up in Hungary since the walls support absolutely zero weight for hanging things. (Brick covered by some paper, then painted) So Patrick the Antelope-ass Prairie Owl will have to wait till we go to our new house- wherever that may be!

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