All I Am Thankful For

With all that has happened in these few short weeks, we have been overwhelmed with love and support from near and far. And while I may not have said thank you right off the bat, please know that I (we) are forever grateful for the help. I just wanted to take a quick second to try and list out some of the awesome things that people have done for us. So in no particular order. . .

To my Grandma, Ione- thank you for letting us live in your house, even though you aren’t here. We’re pretty much homeless, but we feel like we have a home to come to here, and not having to stress over this while we stress over everything else is a huge (bigger than words can say) weight off our shoulders. We wish you were here with us! We love you!!

Joals & Jeremy, thank you for letting us use one of your cars for us to get around. Rentals can be super duper expensive, and this helps out immensely! Thank you for taking Ollie and letting him live with you when we are in Denver, (and for not making him sleep with the chickens ;) ) ALSO, thank you for helping us get him into the school so he can be with Dexter and closer to you. You guys have done so much for us, we are forever owing you!

Madre, thank you for being our errand runner and couch hanger-outer. I know we haven’t talked lots while you are here in the house, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit with company even if we’re not talking. I know I don’t always say it, but I appreciate everything you do and have done for us, I hope you know that. Love you momma.

Vickie & Don, thank you for taking Miss Sarah and loving on her lots. I miss her terribly when she is gone, but I know she is being loved on every moment, and spoiled rotten. She loves you guys (as do we!) and it is great not to worry about her. (Though I will be sad if she walks for you and not for me!) Thank you for having her Skype with me every day, it’s comforting to see her baby face, even if she’s busy doing things.

To our dear Miss Brigi- thank you for staying with the pups and keeping an eye on things, even though your job was for Sarah. It is comforting to know you love them as much as we do and are there to protect them and our casa. I know it’s probably very boring, but I hope you can relax and knock out some school stuff!

My bestest Miss Lindsay- thank you for putting up with me since 5th grade and being there ever since. Thank you for being with me at the doctor’s office, and keeping me sane- I don’t know how you do it, but you do. You are an angel on earth. Everyone should be as lucky to have a friend like you!

Jeff, Uncle Jeff, Jeff-eroo, (pick a name) Thank you for always being here, and stepping in to help with anything needed, even if it’s just someone to play cards with, go to Sam’s with, push the child down in the snow (he needs it) etc. You are family- always.

Miss Heni, Viki& Tamas, köszönöm, hogy segítettél Brigi óra után, a kölykök, és nem veszik figyelembe a házat, míg elmegyünk. Hiányzol minden szépen! Jó tudni, hogy van jó szomszédok számíthatunk!

To all the friends, family and strangers who have sent messages, cards, & called. Thank you all for the support, the offers of places to stay, helping hands and the kind words. They make a heart feel good and help keep it strong. Positive thinking can do wonders and having the support of so many helps me to keep my head up, when all I want to do is cry.

To all my counter-parts at work, thank you for the overwhelming support and complete understanding. Not having to think and worry about work while going through all of this is a huge relief. I miss you all, and appreciate all the checking in you all do! You guys are really the best group a person could ever work with. We are a family there!

Finally, last but absolutely not least, to my darling husband. Thank you for being here and with me while we go through this. I love you more than you will ever know. I know there are days that I am miserable and probably no fun to be around. The most random things make me cry, and I can’t help it. You probably feel like you are married to a crazy person (newsflash: you are)

If I left someone out, please know it was not intentional, my brain is pretty much broken most of the time as of late. I appreciate each and every one of you, so please know that. One day, hopefully we will be able to thank you all in person and re-pay you for all the love you’ve shown.

My love to you all.




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